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Ever since Christopher Columbus brought in pineapple to Spain as souvenir for the King in 1500s, interest on the member of bromeliads began to rise. The prestige, nevertheless, had really risen since 200 years ago. At that time, many scientists made a direct exploration to the habitat of the pineapple in South America. At present, not less than 3.008 species have been found and identified. Members of bromeliads such as Neoregelia, Guzmania, Aechmea, and Vriesea are the most sought after species of bromeliads for garden element or pot decoration at homes.

South America is properly crowned as the paradise of bromeliads. It is for a reason that nearly all countries there such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Paraguay, to the United States are where bromeliads grow. The largest species diversities, however, can be found in Brazil where there are approximately 1.200 species of bromeliads. Currently, around 150―200 variants of bromeliads are ready to enliven the ornamental plants treasure in Indonesia. Bromeliads become one of the selections on account of their bright colors and easy care.