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Keeping Fresh Cut Orchid Looking Fresh Longer

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Cut orchid usually remains fresh for 12 days, but through a research, Dwi Amiarsi and Yulianingsih of Indonesian Ornamental Plants Research Institute (Balai Penelitian Tanaman Hias) discover a way to keep the orchid remains fresh for 20 days.


Making Curly Zamia

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Sample image

Just by a glance Zamia furfuracea in Watuputih Nursery, Yogyakarta, looks like mutation having small and curly leaves whereas they are usually broad and flat. After being investigated, apparently it is not a mutation, but a creation of Djumiati—the owner of Watuputih—who split every young leaf blade emerged into 2 parts with knife or scissors. The split leaves will be arched and piled, an eventually become curly. ***