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Corn Bak A Well-Known Bromeliads Producer in Netherlands

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Every year, ten millions seedlings of 8 - 10 cm tall each are shipped from a nursery in Assendelft, Netherlands, to more than 50 countries in the world. With such a fantastic number, Corn Bak nursery becomes one of the biggest bromeliads companies known worldwide.

In 11 October 2009, Trubus paid a visit there and witnessed the greatness of Corn Bak where there is a 4,2 ha greenhouse or equal to 5 area of football field. Each space inside the greenhouse is separated into crossbreeding, selection, seedling, packing, and showcasing area.

The company that was established 81 years ago earns its popularity due to its routine business of producing new hybrids, such as  aechmea ‘primera’, guzmania ‘fusion, dan guzmania ‘jazz', favored by consumers. Corn Bak first got new hybrid in 1962. The hybrid was a crossbreed of Guzmania lingulata and Guzmania minor. It flowered 3 years later. Thereafter, Corn Bak has been selective in production and selling, and thus only produces and sells selected seedlings. To name a few there are Guzmania minor, Vrisea splendens, Vriesea 'vilkana', Aechmea fascinata, Neoregelia carolinae, Tillandsia flabellata, and Tillandsia leiboldiana.

Only disease-resistant, appealing-flowered, easy to propagate and to care plants can pass the selection. From ten thousand hybrids produced every year, only the best 2 - 5 variants will be released in the market. Obviously, any new hybrids released by Corn Bak are always a high-quality variant. Until 2009, Corn Bak has been introducing 45 new bromeliads hybrids to the market. Every new hybrid will always be introduced at Horti Fair Exhibition held annually in Netherlands.

Their success, tough, does not come in an instant. The journey of Corn Bak was begun in 1929 when Cornelis Bak - the pioneer - opened a 1.000 m² orchard. From just a simple greenhouse Cornelis started to crossbreed tulips, lily, hydrangea, and sansevieria. Twenty seven years later, Cornelis began to cultivate bromeliads. ‘Bromeliads are chosen because of few numbers of player,’ Peter narrated. The first bromeliads they had was Vriesea splendens which they resold 2 years after when it had flowered. Currently, Corn Bak cultivates more than 500 types of bromeliads. Approximately 50 variations have been available to be traded. (Rosy Nur Apriyanti)

Photo captions

  1. Corn Bak runs the nursery in modern way, for example the automatic watering system. Corn Bak is now governed by the 2nd generation of Corn Bak family
  2. Aechmea ‘primera’ is favored due to spineless leaf margin
  3. In 2007 Corn Bak sold 29,3-million seedlings
  4. Elly Bak, along with Peter Bak has lead Corn Bak into one of the well known bromeliads producers
  5. An area specifically for crossbreeding