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It has a very unique appearance; 1 leaf may have 2 colors or more. It is rare and thus always be hunted by collectors. The price is almost as the same as any high-valued art work or even hundred-folds of it. One thing that the collectors always want: its exclusiveness. That is the variegated plant. This variegated phenomenon can be found in some fruit commodities, estate crops, and much more in ornamental plants. Variegata is taking interest and curiosity from scientists all around the world. Many theories are exposed to explain the phenomenon. Starting from genetically induced, pathogenic viral/ bacterial attack, trace of cell division, and the most controversial: the human induced factor. Trubus Info Special on Variegata presents more than 628 photographs of variegated plants. Most of them are resulted from the hunt in Indonesia and Thailand. And it is completed with information on how to make variegata.