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MY Healthy Life - Obesity Gone Forever

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MY Healthy Life

Obesity Gone Forever

  • Recognize the culprit of obesity
  • Simple ways to overcome obesity
  • Fat is unhealthy!

How long is your belt? The longer it is, the shorter your age. On the contrary, shorter belt is linked to longer age. Is belt length really ‘determined’ our age? Long belt is identical with fat accumulation on abdomen, one signal of obesity, and the obesity brings about various diseases such as heart coroner, constricted blood vessel, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus, threatening our lives.

Before those deadly diseases come, taking obesity prevention and ways to overcome obesity is the wisest decision to take. It is not always necessary through gastric by pass, tight diet, or liposuction. There are actually other techniques which are very easy and cost efficient, so long as we know how, as revealed in this book. In addition, this book also elaborates the trend of obesity as life style change, obesity on children, potential people at risk of obesity, and diseases aroused by obesity.***