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Soft copy (pdf) and hard copy only available in Indonesian version  for more information, please Contact us

Sansevieria: 200 spectacular varieties; 400 images

Sansevieria, a fiber leaf with 1.000 benefits. In the past, the fiber of a plant known as lidah mertua in Indonesia was weaved into clothes, musical instrument, or raw material of paper.

At present, the plant is more notable as ornamental plant, antiseptic, anticancer, and the latest is as antipolutan. NASA research for 25 years resulted in proving that sansevieria is able to absorb 107 elements contained in the air polution. At this time, sansevieria is intriguing many people due to its unique figure, abundant varieties, and quite easy . Many names such as congo, cylindrica, coral blue, kirkii, francContenti, or hahnii is getting familiar among ornamental plants devotees in Indonesia. Trubus infospesial sansevieria presents the images of 50 species, fledge with its 150 variants. This book is also completed with the techniques of treating, propagation, and tips and trick to beautify sansevieria in order to perform impressively.



  • Size : B5 (20 cm x 24 cm
  • Number of pages: 240 pages
  • Print : Content : 4/4, Cover: 4/4 (Laminating doft & Spot UV
  • Paper type : Content Artpaper 100 gr, Cover Artcarton 310 gr
  • Finishing : perfect bending

List of Contents

  • Page 6 : Fibre Leaves A Million Benefits
  • Page 26 : Get to Know the Snake Plant
  • Page 164 : Appearance Perfection of the Dragon Tongue
  • Page 180 : Propagate Mother-in-Low-Tounge
  • Page 194 : Enemies of the Ghost Tongue
  • Page 204 : Changing Appearance to be Beautiful

Soft copy (pdf) and hard copy only available in Indonesian version for more information, please Contact us




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